Want to learn more about SensiVida’s Allergy Testing System that is currently in the process of  getting approval from the FDA? Read on for more information…

The SensiVida Allergy Test system offers the allergist an objective, painless allergy testing system that consists of the following:

  1. A disposable microlancet chip/cartridge that painlessly and rapidly administers the allergens.
  2. A compact imaging module/digital imager that captures real-time allergic reactions and sends images and data wirelessly or via a USB interface to a computer provided at no cost.
  3. User-friendly software that allows the user to monitor the allergic reaction that provides a method for easy measurement of the reaction area. An e-record patient report is automatically created which can be printed or transmitted.

To learn more about how the system works and to read about the advantages of SensiVida’s Allergy Testing over traditional Allergy Testing systems, click here: http://sensividamedical.com/products-overview/allergy-test-systems